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Patient of the Month!

We have so many lovely patients we have decided to have a ‘Patient of the Month’ each month!  Each month the vets will choose one of our patients who they feel deserves the award – they may have beaten the odds, overcome serious illness or injury, made excellent progress or simply have been a pleasure to treat!  Our patient of the month will be announced on our social media platforms each month so please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out more.  The ‘Patient of the Month’ will receive a goody bag and will have their story shared to celebrate their star status (full permission will be asked before any information is posted).

FREE Monitoring ACTH Lab Fees

Horses and ponies previously diagnosed with Cushings Disease and on long term treatment with Prascend are now eligible for one free monitoring blood sample per year to check the current dose if appropriate.  This offer is for the lab fees only (visit and blood sampling fee still applicable).

To take up this offer you need to register online at http://www.careaboutcushings.co.uk and you will receive a code when your horse’s monitoring test is due which can them be redeemed via the clinic.  You will need to input your horses.

Free lab fees are also available for diagnostic ACTH Cushings Disease blood samples, a code for this can also be obtained from https://careaboutcushings.co.uk/

SQP Qualification

Claire is our R-SQP – she has completed the SQP Qualification for Equine, Farm and Companion Animals meaning she can provide advice and dispense POM-VPS medications such as wormers.  This qualification was very involved and took over 2 years to complete so is a great thing to hold!


We are happy to sponsor local shows/events, or provide prizes such as vouchers and goody bags.  Please contact us on 01629 810351 or email claire.mccann@bakewellvets.co.uk if you would like to discuss sponsorship.

Faecal Worm Egg Counts and Yard/Individual Worming Protocols 

During the grazing season take advantage if our in house Faecal Worm Egg Count service in order to provide your horses with appropriate and effective worm control.

FWECs ensure that horses only receive worming treatment if they require it, therefore are financially beneficial for owners and helps prevent  build up of resistance against our precious supply of effective anthelmintic drugs.

FWECs are £9.50 each or £7.50 each if 5 or more samples are brought from the same yard.  Please call us at the clinic to arrange your FWECs.

If you would like any worming advice or information on FWECs we are happy to offer this and can set out a worming protocol for yards and/or individuals free of charge.

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Our equine vets regularly attend continuous professional development (CPD) courses in order to keep up to date with developments in the veterinary world and to continually refresh and improve their knowledge.