Herd Health Plans

We are increasingly getting requests from our farmers who need to get their Herd Health Plans signed up for a Red Tractor Assured or Dairy Producer Inspection.

Requirements of these plans have changed and there are new templates detailing production figures allowing us to compare past years and evaluate how effective any changes have been. There is also a section on antibiotic use which is a very important area for consideration in veterinary medicine, allowing us to advise you on how to reduce antibiotic usage on your individual farm and assess how you are using the high priority – critically important drugs.

Herd Health Plans require some time to complete and so should be done in plenty of time prior to any inspection. When you have an inspection date please contact the farm office and we can arrange a meeting for you at the practice with one of the farm vets who can go through the forms with you and ensure they are returned in plenty of time. Please ensure you have completed your parts of the forms before the meeting.

If you have any questions regarding the Herd Health Plans the farm team will be happy to help.