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Vaccine Amnesty 2018

Vaccine Amnesty 2018

In February and March 2018 we will be holding a vaccine amnesty in order to increase the number of vaccinated horses, ponies and donkeys protected against equine influenza and tetanus.

As part of the amnesty any animals starting the primary course of vaccinations will receive the second vaccination in the course free of charge (visit fee applies).

Who's eligible??

Any horses, ponies or donkeys over 1 year of age who are previously unvaccinated are eligible for the amnesty.  Also those who have been previously vaccinated but have lapsed in their vaccinations are eligible.

Why is it important to vaccinate?

Vaccination is essential to protect your horses from infectious disease. We routinely vaccinate against equine influenza and tetanus.  Equine influenza can be spread through the air and can cause fever, inappetence, nasal discharge and dullness.  Tetanus is caused by a bacteria in the soil and can be contracted via a wound or foot abscess.  Tetanus can be very serious and is often fatal.  A simple vaccination can help protect against these diseases, protecting both your horse and others in the herd.

For more information on protecting your horse from infectious disease please visit the Keeping Britain's Horses Healthy website wym-1516356934646

To book your horse in for a vaccination please contact us at the clinic.