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Endoscopy Day

Saturday 1st September 10am - 2pm

At Bakewell Equine Clinic, Unit 14 Deepdale Business Park, Buxton Road, Bakewell DE45 1GT

Just like in humans asthma is a common condition affecting our equine patients. The symptoms range from mild with just a slight reduction in performance and occasional coughing to those that have obvious increased effort breathing even when at rest. This year has been particularly problematic with many horses suffering more severe symptoms than in previous years. As delivery systems for inhaled therapy have improved and become more practical to use for owners it is now the preferred method of controlling horse's symptoms in the long term alongside environmental management. 

As a lot of owners are unfamiliar with these devices we are holding an open morning at the clinic displaying and demonstrating their use as well as giving practical advice on improving the environment and the use of supplements. A demonstration on one or two horses of endoscopy being performed as well as videos and pictures of normal and abnormal scopes will be displayed also.

At the end of the morning there will be a short lecture at 12.30pm.

As well as confirming a diagnosis of asthma, endoscopy is also commonly used to assess the function of the larynx in cases of a respiratory noise during exercise and investigating the source of nasal discharges. The week following the talk we will offer endoscopy at a reduced rate for horses that would benefit from further investigation of a respiratory problem. This week endoscopy will be offered at the reduced rate of £100. 

You are welcome to come for the whole morning to see the demonstrations or just for the talk at lunchtime. Light refreshments will be provided throughout the morning.