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Tuesday 21st January 2020 7.30pm

We will be holding a new year open evening at the clinic – why not pop along for a look at our equipment, the clinic, have a catch up and a cup of tea and a cake.  Our nurse and SQP Claire McCann will give a short talk about the equipment we have and when and why we would use it.

Wrap up warm – it is January!



FREE ACTH lab fees for Equine Cushings Disease (PPID) testing & monitoring

Diagnostic tests

Currently ACTH lab fees for horses and ponies are free providing the animal has not previously been diagnosed with the condition/is not on treatment.

Equine Cushings Disease (PPID) is a condition that involves enlargement of the pituitary gland which secretes increased levels of the hormone ACTH causing clinical signs including hirsuitism (long curly coat), laminitis, fat pads above the eyes, increased urination, increased drinking, recurrent infections and lethargy.

Cushings Disease is diagnosed with clinical signs and a blood sample to test the levels of the ACTH hormone.

The condition is usually able to be well controlled with medication.

For more information on Cushings Disease visit the Talk About Laminitis website wym-1546686980300

Monitoring Tests

All horses and ponies previously diagnosed with Cushings Disease and on treatment for the condition with Prascend are eligible for one free set of ACTH lab fees per year for monitoring purposes.

To redeem this offer owners need to register themselves and their horses on www.careaboutcushings.co.uk.  You will be required to enter your horses late ACTH blood sample date and their last level of ACTH.  We can provide this information for you if you do not have it.  Once registered you will be emailed a code which you need to pass on to us in order for us to claim the free lab fees.