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Supplement Range

We stock our own range of competitively priced supplements at the clinic.

This range includes:

Hoof Excel - supports healthy hoof growth by providing all necessary nutrients for horn growth and structure.  Hoof Excel is very popular and is recommended by many local farriers due to its excellent results.  This product also comes with a three month guarantee - if you see no improvement within 3 months of using this product you are entitled to a refund (NB. before and after photos are required). 1 kg £50.44

Joint Excel Plus/Veterinary Premium Joint Supplement - a veterinary strength mobility supplement containing high levels of MSM, Glucosamine HCL and Chrondroitin, providing the components necessary for the nutritional maintenance of a healthy cartilage matrix.  850g £69.74

Probiotic Excel - a nutritional supplement promoting digestive and gastric health, ideal during times of stress, digestive disorders or diarrhoea.  750g £31.99 

Veterinary Blood Tonic - a iron, Vitamin B and cobalt enriched syrup, ideal for competition horses requiring that extra boost, or those horses recovering from illness. 1.2litre £24.94

Veterinary Liver Excel - provides vitamins and other nutrients to support liver function.  The liver is important for metabolism, secretion of bile, carbohydrate metabolism, fat metabolism and drug metabolism.  1 litre £56.24

For more information on any of our supplements please do not hesitate to contact us.