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Newsletter - Spring 2018

Sponsored Riders 2018 – Congratulations to Katie and Hannah!

After numerous applications earlier in the year for our sponsorship opportunity and lots of deliberation we finally selected our two new riders for 2018, Katie Lamb and Hannah Bent!  Congratulations to you both on your sponsorship, we are looking forward to following you both throughout the year.

Katie Lamb

Katie owns Logic a 12 year old Thoroughbred chestnut gelding.  Together they compete at British Dressage and have won the Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) Dressage Championships, competed and been placed at several championships and have been chosen to represent their region at the senior regionals.  This year they aim to move up to medium level and qualify for the area festivals, the ROR Championships, the TB championships, music championships and of course the Inter-regionals.  Katie says she will be proud to represent the clinic when out and about training and competing and will wear her branded clothing with loyalty and pride.

Hannah Bent


Weight Management

Weight management is a very important aspect of horse management particularly during the spring and summer when rich lush grass piles on the pounds!

Unfortunately due to domestication and the way we keep our horses and ponies, many of them are often overweight bringing increased risk of further health problems such as equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) and laminitis.

Here are some simple steps to aid weight loss in overweight horses and ponies:

-          Feed the equivalent of 1.5% bodyweight daily (dry weight in kg)

-         Soak hay for 12 hours

-         Analyse hay for non-structural carbohydrate content (ideally <10%) – most feed companies offer this service

-          Double/triple small holed haynets

-          Feed little and often

-          Feed a good quality ‘low-calorie’ balancer to provide essential vitamins and minerals

-         Use a grazing muzzle

-         Graze on ‘rough’ unfertilised pasture

-         Don’t overrug

-          Monitor weight weekly with a weightape or weighbridge.

It is worth noting restricting grazing time is largely inadequate in reducing calorie intake as horses will learn to ‘gorge’ and so still consume the same amount.

For further advice on weight management or for an email copy of our dietary guidance sheet please contact us at the clinic.

TopSpec provide a free feed helpline on 01845 565030 offering feed advice and also provide a yard visit service to yards with 12 or more horses providing individual weighing sessions on their weighbridge, individual nutritional advice and tailored diets and forage analysis.  Visit 

FREE ACTH Cushings Disease Lab Fees

The offer of free lab fees on blood samples to diagnose Cushing’s Disease (PPID) continues throughout 2018.  The offer is available for horses and ponies previously undiagnosed with Cushing’s Disease, those with past borderline results provided treatment has not been started.  PPID generally affects older horses and ponies and signs may include laminitis, long curly coat, fat bads above the eyes, increased urination and drinking and lethargy.  

For more information contact us at the clinic or visit www.talkaboutlaminitis