Showjumping Winter League Sponsorship

This winter we are main sponsors for the Winter Show Jumping League at Abbey Farm Equestrian in Darley Dale. The competition is unaffiliated and courses start from 35cm up to 1m so there’s something for everyone and with competitions running every 2-3 weeks there are plenty of opportunities to have a go!

As main sponsors we will be providing prizes for the overall winners plus individual class winners, with over all winners also getting a rug and £100 prize money.

Winter Worming & FWECs

We are still doing FWECs at the clinic and usually continue to do these into October.

We advise all horses are given a routine wormer over the winter months (regardless of past FWEC results) to ensure they are treated for larval stages of encysted small redworm and tapeworm. For this we recommend you use Equest Pramox to treat for encysted small redworm, tapeworm, other adult worms and bots.

We advise this winter treatment is given following a period of cold weather consistently lower than 10 degrees C for more than 2 weeks. There is no immediate rush to give this treatment as long as it is given before the spring arrives – so ideally late December/January time.

Advice Calls and Emails

Our vets are really good at returning calls to clients with help and advice, and also at looking at photos and videos that come on email and social media.

However, they are very busy and spend a lot of time out and about at calls and therefore don’t always have access to their phones and emails frequently.

If you are waiting for a return call from one of the vets please be patient – if the call is not urgent it may not be returned the same day but you will get a call back.

Also our vets have a policy – they will try you twice, if you don’t answer or get back to them they won’t try and contact you again.

Thank you!

Sedating for Clipping

With clipping season almost upon us, some horses find the clipping process scary and therefore require a form of sedation to ensure their own and the person clipping’s safety. We get a lot of phone calls in autumn asking for sedation options which are as follows:

Oral sedation – in the form of Relaquin (ACP) or the stronger Domosedan Gel. Both come in the form of gels which can be given by the owner in advance of clipping. Both are prescription only medications therefore the horse MUST have been seen by one of our vets within the last 6 months in order for this to prescribed.

Intravenous injection – the vet can come out to your horse and inject them intravenously. There is and visit fee and attendance fee for the vet to be sedation present for clipping.

Please note – horses can still react and kick out even under deep sedation and therefore we advise you position yourself safely whilst clipping and wear a hat.