Newsletter – Summer 2019


New 2019 Junior Sponsored Riders!!

In March we selected two new riders to sponsor for this year who took over from last year’s riders Hannah and Katie.

This year for the first time we decided to sponsor and support two junior riders.  We had numerous applicants making deciding on the final two a tough task but in the end we chose Charlotte Bradshaw and Freya Kenworthy.

Well done to both Charlotte and Freya, already they have done an amazing job of promoting the clinic via posts on social media and wearing their branded kit! Here’s a bit of info about each of them…

Charlotte Bradshaw

Charlotte is 15 years old and owns and competes Tiggi, an 11year old 15.1hh mare.  They compete in British Eventing and are active members of Hope Valley Riding Club and the High Peak Pony Club with who they compete on the teams in dressage, showjumping, hunter trials, ODEs and tetrathlon.  Charlotte is very active on social media with Facebook and Instagram pages as well as a YouTube channel.

Freya Kenworthy

Freya is 16 years old and owns and competes two horses, Miss J a 16 year old bay mare and Mojo a 7 year old bay mare.  Freya competes in British Eventing, showjumping and also the NSEA (school teams).  Freya is very active on social media and has both Facebook and Instagram accounts where she regularly posts competition and training updates.  Freya is currently doing her GCSEs and we wish her the best of luck with her exams!

Both riders have received branded clothing for both themselves and their horses and will receive £200 towards the costs of their competition entry fees as well as promotion on social media.

We wish both riders the best of luck with the coming season and are loving following their progress so far!  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with what they get up to.


We are seeing a lot of laminitis cases at the moment in all shapes and sizes of horses, ponies and donkeys.

Lamintis is a very serious and painful condition which requires a significant amount of time, care and management to treat successfully.  Prevention is definitely better than cure and restricted grazing, using grazing muzzles, weight management and low calorie diets are essential in its prevention.  For more advice on lamintis treatment and prevention please contact us at the clinic.

Equine Flu Advice

At the beginning of the year we saw an Equine Influenza outbreak across the UK.   Whilst the initial media coverage has now died down there are still regular cases of flu being diagnosed so we are still advising you remain vigilant for signs of this infectious disease.

Equine Flu can be spread by both direct contact (touching) and indirect contact (via equipment and up to several miles on the breeze).  It is important to monitor ALL horses closely for signs of flu.

Signs of flu include:

– Fever >38.5 degC

– Cough

– Nasal discharge

– Inappetence

– Depression

Flu can still affect vaccinated horses despite vaccination, yet to a much lesser extent so vigilance is essential. If you suspect signs of flu, however subtle, the horse should be isolated and you should contact the clinic.

Regarding vaccination we recommend the following:

UNVACCINATED HORSES – we advise all unvaccinated horses are vaccinated ASAP to provide antibody protection against flu.

VACCINATED HORSES – if your horse last had a flu booster OVER 6 months ago, you should consider giving them a booster to ensure they have the highest level of antibody protection, particularly if you travel them out and about to competitions/clinics. If your horse has had a vaccination within the last 6 months they should have an adequate level of antibody protection.  Please check your passport to see when your horse was last vaccinated.

General bio-security should be implemented including isolation of new arrivals (for a minimum 14 days), not allowing direct contact with other horses when off the yard, use of individual equipment and general hygiene ie. Disinfecting of hands and clothing.

If you have any queries or would like to arrange an appointment for vaccination please contact the clinic in office hours on 01629 810351.

FREE Yard Excellence Scheme

The yard excellence scheme by KBHH is aimed at livery and competition yards and helps you to develop preventative healthcare policies specific to your yard. The scheme covers vaccination, worming, weight management and bio-security.

You will receive a Certificate of Excellence in both hard and electronic formats for you to display and promote on social media, and will be added to the list of KBHH Yards of Excellence on the KBHH Facebook page.

As your vets we work through the scheme with you and you will be registered and provided with a Yard Policy Folder specific to your yard. Best of all the scheme is completely FREE!!

All you need to do is make an appointment with our equine nurse at the clinic to run through the scheme with you and get you registered.

If you would like more information on joining the scheme please contact us at the clinic and we will be happy to discuss with you.