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Portable Endoscope System

We have recently upgraded our endoscopy system to a more compact and versatile unit which can be used out on yards as well as in the clinic.  The system can be used for both endoscopy and gastroscopy and has full recording and photograph options to enable us to record procedures.  Please note - a mains power source is required for this equipment.

KBHH Yard Scheme

This is a free scheme aimed at yard owners and yard managers aimed at preventative healthcare and biosecurity.  For more information see the KBHH & Yard Scheme page wym-1560435913607

Faecal Worm Egg Counts and Yard/Individual Worming Protocols 

During the grazing season take advantage if our in house Faecal Worm Egg Count service in order to provide your horses with appropriate and effective worm control.  

FWECs ensure that horses only receive worming treatment if they require it, therefore are financially beneficial for owners and helps prevent  build up of resistance against our precious supply of effective anthelmintic drugs.

FWECs are £9.50 each or £7.50 each if 5 or more samples are brought from the same yard.  Please call us at the clinic to arrange your FWECs.

If you would like any worming advice or information on FWECs we are happy to offer this and can set out a worming protocol for yards and/or individuals free of charge.

Evening Talks

We regularly hold free of charge evening talks on various relevant topics.  We are also happy to give a talk on a topic of your choice for local clubs/meetings in the area.  Please contact us for further information or to arrange a talk.

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Our equine vets regularly attend continuous professional development (CPD) courses in order to keep up to date with developments in the veterinary world and to continually refresh and improve their knowledge.