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SQP Qualification

Claire has recently completed the SQP Qualification for Equine, Farm and Companion Animals meaning she can now provide advice and dispense certain medications such as wormers.  This qualification was very involved and took over 2 years to complete so is a great thing to hold!  Farm animal receptionist Jay also completed the qualification and nurse Sara is awaiting her results...

Equi Gait Lameness Locator System

Our equine vet Simon Pollard works for us on a consultancy basis specialising in orthopaedics, therefore seeing many of our lameness and poor performance cases. 

Simon has recently set up Equine Symmetry, a service using new technology the ‘EquiGait’ system to assess and analyse gait.  This is particularly useful in cases of subtle or multi-limb lameness.

Details of this new system are detailed in an article Simon has recently written for a magazine.  the article is available here...wym-1472811505655  

If you would like any further information regarding the EquiGait system please contact us or Simon.

Ultrasound Scanner

We have recently purchased a brand new ultrasound scanner.  This new scanner replaces our old scanner providing much clearer images as part of our diagnostics of structures including tendons, ligaments and abdomens.


We are happy to sponsor local shows/events, or provide prizes such as vouchers and goody bags.  Please contact us on 01629 810351 or email if you would like to discuss sponsorship.

Faecal Worm Egg Counts and Yard/Individual Worming Protocols 

During the grazing season take advantage if our in house Faecal Worm Egg Count service in order to provide your horses with appropriate and effective worm control.  

FWECs ensure that horses only receive worming treatment if they require it, therefore are financially beneficial for owners and helps prevent  build up of resistance against our precious supply of effective anthelmintic drugs.

FWECs are £9.50 each or £7.50 each if 5 or more samples are brought from the same yard.  Please call us at the clinic to arrange your FWECs.

If you would like any worming advice or information on FWECs we are happy to offer this and can set out a worming protocol for yards and/or individuals free of charge.

Evening Talks

We regularly hold free of charge evening talks on various relevant topics.  We are also happy to give a talk on a topic of your choice for local clubs/meetings in the area.  Please contact us for further information or to arrange a talk.

For information on our next planned evening talk wym-1398244581184

Facebook and Twitter

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Our equine vets regularly attend continuous professional development (CPD) courses in order to keep up to date with developments in the veterinary world and to continually refresh and improve their knowledge.

Simon Pollard recently completed CPD entitled 'Lameness or neurological?' and CPD on Stifles - latest diagnostics and treatments.

Equine vet Sam Scott recently completed CPD covering pathology and pre-purchase radiography.

Equine vet Kirsty MacGregor recently attended CPD on Standing Surgery.

Also Kirsty, Simon and Claire attended BEVA the British Equine Veterinary Association Conference in Liverpool and all attended numerous lectures over the conference.